Mouchuki Camp At Neora Valley

Mouchuki Camp Bungalow at Neora ValleyMouchuki Forest Bungalow

Mouchuki Camp (Samsing) at Neora Valley National Park. Mouchuki Forest Bungalow is very nice. The park is spread over 88 km². The forest in Neora Valley has such luxurious growth that even sunlight finds. Neora Vally National Park is one of the last remaining pristine ecosystems of the Eastern Himalayas with its amazing Biodiversity and is home to many rare and endangered, plants, animals and birds. It exhibits a rich variety of habitat as the area comprises the catchment and watershed of the Neora River with its tributaries.


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The land of the cute Red Panda in its pristine undisturbed natural habitat with rugged inaccessible hilly terrain and rich diverse flora and fauna together make the Park an important wilderness zone. Being a part of the Himalaya, the altitude of the National Park varies from 183mt. To 3200mt. The highest point lies on the north bordering Sikkim called as the Rachilla Danda. Small water bodies / Wetlands are scattered all over the Park namely the Jorepokhri, Panchpokhri, Tempola etc.

The Neora Valley National Park is situated in an area with varying altitude.Maximum temperature is 300 minimum is below 00. Snowfall is common between November to February. Monsoon starts from May to middle of October. The average rainfall in the catchment is 635 cms. Annually.


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The best time to visit the National Park is from October to April. Day visit to the National Park can be availed from 16th September to June 15th . The two entry points are LAVA and SAMSING. Entry Tickets are made available from the respective Range Offices.



Mouchuki to suntalekhola


  • Two heads charge: Rs 3200/-




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