Jhalong - Bindu - Paren - Todey - Tangta

Jhalong, Bindu and Paren:

Enjoy the soun of the river Jaldhaka. The hydel project at Jaldhaka attracts a lot of tourists.At Bindu and Paren, nature stands in front of you with all it’s magic and splendour. Jhalong is rich with natural beauty; there are several places in Jhalong for sightseeing. Jhalong is a paradise for bird watchers. Eurasian wryneck, crested kingfisher, brown dipper, Hodgson's redstart, slaty-backed forktail, little forktail, Rufous-necked laughing thrush are some of the rare species found here. The activities in Jhalong include bird watching and minor trekking to Todey and Tangta.

Todey and Tangta:

  These are two small villages ahead of Bindu in the Neora Valley National Park area. The area is famous for cardamom production. Tourism infrastructure is just getting developed here and there are limited tourist accommodations available. However Todey Tangta can be visited based in Bindu or Jhalong from where Todey village is about an hours drive through Paren. There is a Monastery at Todey which is a small market consisting of about 30 households. The area is also known for medicinal plants with a large medicinal garden known as Chamelidevi Ayurvedic Garden near the Village.

    Todey(1500 m) and Tangta are two small settlements at the extreme end of Indian border, adjoining the neighbouring kingdom of Bhutan. These two hamlets were primarily important for large yields of cardamom. But in the recent years, the yield has declined heavily, due to some widespread fungal disease to the plants. Tangta is also well known as the gateway to the beautiful Rochella peak.

    Further venture can take you to Rachella peak, which is six to eight hours climb from Tangta. Load carrying horses are available at Tangta. In Rachella there are many natural lakes.

    While returning back to Todey, take a dip in the medicinal waters of Dabai Khola. Its water contains sulfur and other minerals which is said to have healing properties for skin diseases.


    Khunia-Jhalong Rdturns rightand becomes Jhalong,Bindu RoadPass by Jholung Hospital (on the right) 3.4 km , Sharp left to stay on Jhalong Bindu Road0.2 km , Take the 1st right to stay on Jhalong Bindu RoadPass by Paren Hospital (on the right in 1.2 km) 1.5 km, Take the 1st left on to Paren Todey RoadPass by Paren High School (on the right in 550 m) 1.3 km , Turn rightto stay on Paren Todey RoadPass by Paten-Godok Gram Panchayat Office (on the right) 0.5 km , Slight right to stay on Paren Todey Road2.2 km , Continue straight to stay on Paren Todey Road11.4 kmParen Todey Rdturns sharply rightand becomes Todey Tangta Road0.9 km.

      Angling can be done in Jaldhaka. Village tours and cultural shows are the other activities and entertainments that can be associated with Jhalong.

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