Goshihat Nest

gossaihat nest

Khoklung Basti

Moraghat Range,Khuntimari Forest


Goshihat Nest Situated in the Moraghat Range, Khuntimari forest, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. This place is famous for enamored at chirping of the birds on the wetland named as Goshihat beel.

Goshihat Beel is about 15 Hecters. The vegetation type of the Beel and its surrounding Moraghat Forest are very similar to the vegetation of Foothills and Dooars region of Jalpaiguri District. The climate and topography of the region made itself a beautiful natural habitat for native and migratory birds and fishes.



gossaihat nest beel bird watching



This place is famous for bird watching. Located in between Gorumara and Moraghat Range forest of Dooars. Patch of forest and vast wetland attracts migratory birds in this Gossaihat beel. Tourist also may visit nearby Medla, Gorumara, Chapramari like places from here. 





  • Stay in Eco-Friendly Tower House, naturally designed bird watching gossaihat moraghat forest dwan
  • evening Tribal Dance show. 
  • 24 hrs. Wildlife watching from window
  • Visit Goshihat Eco Park.
  • Boating in Goshihat beel




gossaihat nearby roadside stupa


Goshihat Beel is vast wetland surrounded by forest and Rivers thus became natural home for many species of birds. Thus who want to stay close to the nature and watch birds as hobby or for research study, Goshihat Nest is perfect destination for them.

Nearby famous forest are also accessible from here such as Gorumara National Park, Chapramari W.L.S. etc, many tea garden are also close to the place, someone can make this place as base camp for Dooars tour.

Vibrant cultural diversity of local population in this area also interesting subject for philanthropic tourists. 




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