Garuchira Village Eco Tourism

Garuchira eco bungalow near Neora Samsing Matiali


Garuchira Village Tourism Situated in the Bandapani Bit, Dalgaon Range, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. Garuchira is 80 km away from Jalpaiguri, surrounded by rivers. In front of Bhutan Hills, Bandapani Forest. Garuchira is a nice place to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Scenic beauty is the point of attraction of these places.




Surrounded by dense forest and grand mountains of the Himalaya ,Garuchira positively introduce a sense of ecstasy and strange feelings. Holy rivers Supti and Reti flowing downstream make the atmosphere awesome, which encourage and energize the mind and soul.



Garuchira Murti Khola Neora khola Rivulet


So many wonders are waiting to be explored. Garuchira is also a corridor of wild elephants and one can wait at the jungle watch-tower to stare at them very closely passing by. One can hire a local tour guide to hike the nearby villages and sneak into the depth of the wilderness.






  • Stay in Eco-Friendly Cottages, naturally designed for your pleasure dream.
  • 24hrs. Wildlife watching.
  • Visit Bandapani Forest.
  • Trekking in the Bhutan Hills.

garuchira nearby samsing tea gardens


Bungalows should be booked at an early date to avoid disappointment. One can visit the place at anytime of the year except Monsoon Season.




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