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Kalipur Eco Village

kalipur eco village

Kalipur Eco Village at Gorumara National Park

Viewed from a distance an Indian village may appear deceptively simple. A cluster of wood nailed walls, shaded by a few trees, set among a stretch of green fields, with a few people moving around, cattle lowing and birds singing – all present an image of harmonious simplicity. Indian city dwellers often refer nostalgically to “simple village life”. In actuality, Forest Village life is far from simple. Most villagers are characterized by a multiplicity of economic, caste, kinship, occupational, and even religious groups linked vertically within each settlement.


kalipur eco village  3

There is accommodation to suit every taste and budget, all operated by friends of Kalipur Forest Village with a wealth of local knowledge and the desire to make your stay comfortable and truly memorable. A fairy tale cottage with clear glass framed in natural finish bamboo, stands high the four traditional cottages with attached bath facility. One can have a feeling of ancient tree house used by our forefathers. The cottages are designed to match the nature and the balcony offer fantastic views of the pristine forest, grassland, and the lush green tea garden.



hornbill medla watch z


  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Tea & Snacks.
  • A Nature Walk through the forest watching birds.
  • Enjoy tribal dance.
  • Elephant Ride.


hornbill nest cart

An adventurous Ride by Elephant in the Morning between the Jungle path towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.

Nestled in the upper reaches of the flood plains of Murty and Jaldhaka, Kalipur Forest Village stands in the fringe of the luxuriant forests of Gorumara National Park. This Reserve forest since 1895 was declared as a National Park in 1994 comprising a total area of 79.98 sq. km. and harbors the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros.

As you travel forward in your comfortable car, through the dry deciduous forest, you visit people untouched by western ideas, computers or modern necessities. Kalipur Forest Village takes you to the rarest of sites of the land, nature has bestowed its beauty and charm in abundance.


kalipur eco village  2


  • Two Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 3900/-
  • Three Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 5100/-




Dhupjhora Elephant Camp-Gorumara (Gachbari)

Dhupjhora elephant campAt Dhupjhora

Gorumara Elephant Camp amidst the pristine greenery of forest offers a close encounter with the untamed wilderness. Staying in the Tree-house provides one with the forest canopy life. Early morning Elephant Ride into the forest, evening Tribal Dance and complementary visit to the ‘Chandrachur Watch Tower’ are only some of the perks among the unlimited pleasure of this place.




  • dhupjhora elephant camp ridingStay either in Eco-Friendly Cottages (Meghalal, Silaboti, Surya, Hillari) or Ethnic Tree Hut (Teesta) – naturally designed for your pleasure dream.
  • Dine with pleasure the local preparation in village style.
  • Experience Tribal Dance in the Evening with the charming breeze & drone all around.
  • An adventurous Ride by Elephant in the Morning between the Jungle path towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.
  • Enjoy the wilderness from ‘Chandrachur Watch Tower’. (except 15th June to 15th September).


dhupjhora elephant camp bathAn adventurous Ride by Elephant in the Morning between the Jungle path towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.







** Two Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 3900/-dhupjhora elephant camp treehouse

** Three Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 5100/-

** Two Heads Charge (Tree house): Rs 4000/-

** Three Heads Charge (Tree house): Rs 5200/-



Murti Tent

Gorumara Tents - A Nature Study Centre
gorumara tent

Well what’s life without some adventure? Just imagine you and your friends at Gorumara National Park staying in tents with no cots but special tents and ground sheet beside a flowing river. The spell bound silence of the environment broken by the chirping birds. The taste of traditional food prepared by the local forest villagers. The sound of beating drums and folk dance of the tribal will take you back to ancient life and culture. Gorumara National Park the land of the prehistoric Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros is located in the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers of Dooars region within Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. 


gorumara tent camping area


  • Expert guides and staff
  • Home cooked Indian food
  • Wildlife film shows
  • Environmental Education, classes and discussions
  • Bird watching, trail walk inside the National Park
  • Visit to watch towers.
  • Glimpse of tribal dance.
  • Adventure sports.
  • Purified water.


gorumara tent camp from Murti bridge


Short camps in Gorumara Tents by schools and colleges will give students an opportunity to learn first hand about outdoor life. They also get a chance to learn and view the flora and fauna of the National Park. The camp support regular curriculum and make lessons more meaningful and interesting. It becomes easier to learn when students are actually taken for a nature walk in the deep forest. They experience the thrill of some of the most exotic and beautiful jungles, waterways and other little known adventure sports, for removed from the usual tourist spots.


gorumara tent nature study camp from river bed



The Resort can be reached from Jalpaiguri- Mainaguri - Lataguri - Murti. Siliguri via Coronation Bridge (on river Teesta) - Malbazar - Chalsa - Murti. Both of the routes are passes through tea gardens and forest areas of Ddooars.



gorumara tent nature study camp


  • Chapramari 3.5 km
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 6.3 km
  • Lataguri 12 km
  • Khuniya Watch Tower 1.5 Km
  • Jhalong - Bindu
  • Samsing -Suntale Khola





South Khayerbari

South Khayerbari Tiger Rescue Centersouth khayerbari 2

Khayerbari is largely known as “Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard” rescue centre. During the execution of the ban of animal show in circus, several wild animals were captured by the forest officials which included 11 tigers. The tigers that are being shifted to the Khyerbari are part of this group. Many leopard and cubs recovered from the tea gardens and illicit animal smugglers are also kept here for various reasons, like rehabilitation etc. According to forest officials this is a distinctive attempt unparalleled in the entire North East India.



south khayerbari 1


It place very attractive to tourist’s destination. Tourists can get a close spot to watch. This place is also act wild animal study center of North Bengal. We recommend this place for those who want to visit nearby Chilapata, Jaldapara and those who want to do research study of Bengal tiger or leopard.




south khayerbari 0

  • Chilapata Forest
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Jayanti
  • Jaldapara National Park
  • Kunjanagar





Hornbill Nest at Lataguri

hornbill nest

This park is located in the Dooars Region of Jalpaiguri district. River Murti, Jaldhaka and Ingdong have passed through this national park. In the year 1949,Gorumara Forest was declared as wildlife sanctuary when it was a small forest. Later in the year 1992, it was declared as a National Park, comprising of 89 kms. of diverse forest. 



hornbill nest lataguri



Lataguri is situated in 30 km. from Jalpaiguri Town Station / 27 km.from Jalpaiguri Road Station / 25 km. from New Mal junction / 75 km.from N.J.P Railway station and 95 km. from Bagdogra Airport. There is a thick lining of Gorumara National Park along the eastern side of the Lataguri village.






The wildlife, in addition to one-horned Rhinos, consists of wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and Hog Deer, wild Pig, Gour and a number of Birds, Peafowls, etc.

Nearby Chapramari, Jhalong, Bindu are added flavor to the tour.



hornbill nest Gaur


  • Two heads charge(Cottage): Rs 2700/-





Mouchuki Camp At Neora Valley

Mouchuki Camp Bungalow at Neora ValleyMouchuki Forest Bungalow

Mouchuki Camp (Samsing) at Neora Valley National Park. Mouchuki Forest Bungalow is very nice. The park is spread over 88 km². The forest in Neora Valley has such luxurious growth that even sunlight finds. Neora Vally National Park is one of the last remaining pristine ecosystems of the Eastern Himalayas with its amazing Biodiversity and is home to many rare and endangered, plants, animals and birds. It exhibits a rich variety of habitat as the area comprises the catchment and watershed of the Neora River with its tributaries.


mouchuki wildlife watch


The land of the cute Red Panda in its pristine undisturbed natural habitat with rugged inaccessible hilly terrain and rich diverse flora and fauna together make the Park an important wilderness zone. Being a part of the Himalaya, the altitude of the National Park varies from 183mt. To 3200mt. The highest point lies on the north bordering Sikkim called as the Rachilla Danda. Small water bodies / Wetlands are scattered all over the Park namely the Jorepokhri, Panchpokhri, Tempola etc.

The Neora Valley National Park is situated in an area with varying altitude.Maximum temperature is 300 minimum is below 00. Snowfall is common between November to February. Monsoon starts from May to middle of October. The average rainfall in the catchment is 635 cms. Annually.


Mouchuki trail neora forest


The best time to visit the National Park is from October to April. Day visit to the National Park can be availed from 16th September to June 15th . The two entry points are LAVA and SAMSING. Entry Tickets are made available from the respective Range Offices.



Mouchuki to suntalekhola


  • Two heads charge: Rs 3200/-





Hollong Tourist Lodge

hollong tourist bungalow jaldaparaAt Jaldapara 

Hollong is the most shouted forest bungalow in Dooars, situated in Jaldapara National Park. A rivulet runs nearby the bungalow called as Hollong. River Torsha runs through the National Park. The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses.This sanctuary was constituted in the year 1941 for the protection of Wildlife, particularly one horned Rhinos, an animal threatened with extinction and announced as National Park in 2012.



hollong river Jaldapara national parkHollong Tourist Lodge situated in Jaldapara National Park. Six double bedded rooms inside the Sanctuary. Jaldapara National Park situated in Alipurduar District in West Bengal is about 72km.from Jalpaiguri Town Station, 70km. from Jalpaiguri Road Station, 20km. from Hasimara Station, 120km. from N.J.P., 124KM. from Siliguri. 


Hollong Jaldapara One Horn Rhino

The wildlife, in addition to one horned Rhinos, consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and Hog Deer, wild Pig, Gaur (Indian Bisons) and a number of Birds, Peafowls.


Dooars hollong jaldapara elephent ride Elephant Ride and enjoy the Wildlife. Bird watching in in Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary. Wild life watching from Hollong Tourist Lodge, 24 hours.




Neora Jungle Camp

neora jungle camp entry restricted

Neora Jungle Camp Situated in the midst of Neora River and Sursuti forest of Lataguri, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. Going through the restricted road to the camp from the Highway itself an adventure riding for the tourist. If you are bit lucky then will be able to spot wildlife on the road. Many visitor had experience the roadblocks by the jumbos. This is the tactically placed bungalow for the wildlife lover tourists.



neora jungle camp view


The Neora Jungle Camp is located in Sursuti forest adjacent to the Gorumara national park. Sursuti forest is an elephant corridor between Gorumara and Mahananda forest. Best place to start your tour is from Jalpaiguri  Via Randhamali, Lataguri.




neora jungle camp cottage


  • Lataguri Gorumara Parjatan Kendra
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Murti River
  • Medla Watch Tower
  • Barodighi, Batabari, Aibheel Tea Estate 
  • Chapramari Forest etc.


neora jungle camp tribal dance



  • * Stay in Eco-Friendly Cottages, naturally designed for your pleasure dream.
  • * Experience Tribal Dance in the Evening with the charming breeze
  • * Enjoy the wilderness from ‘Kalakhawa Watch Tower’. 
  • * 24hrs. Wildlife watching.

Room Rent:

D.B.R.: Rs. 800/-




Garuchira Village Eco Tourism

Garuchira eco bungalow near Neora Samsing Matiali


Garuchira Village Tourism Situated in the Bandapani Bit, Dalgaon Range, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. Garuchira is 80 km away from Jalpaiguri, surrounded by rivers. In front of Bhutan Hills, Bandapani Forest. Garuchira is a nice place to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Scenic beauty is the point of attraction of these places.




Surrounded by dense forest and grand mountains of the Himalaya ,Garuchira positively introduce a sense of ecstasy and strange feelings. Holy rivers Supti and Reti flowing downstream make the atmosphere awesome, which encourage and energize the mind and soul.



Garuchira Murti Khola Neora khola Rivulet


So many wonders are waiting to be explored. Garuchira is also a corridor of wild elephants and one can wait at the jungle watch-tower to stare at them very closely passing by. One can hire a local tour guide to hike the nearby villages and sneak into the depth of the wilderness.






  • Stay in Eco-Friendly Cottages, naturally designed for your pleasure dream.
  • 24hrs. Wildlife watching.
  • Visit Bandapani Forest.
  • Trekking in the Bhutan Hills.

garuchira nearby samsing tea gardens


Bungalows should be booked at an early date to avoid disappointment. One can visit the place at anytime of the year except Monsoon Season.





Rhino Camp


At Ramshairhino camp resort

Rhino Camp situated in Ramshai village. Cottage Names are Gorumara, Jaldapara, Majoring, and Manash. 

An adventurous Ride by Elephant in the Morning between the Jungle path towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.



rhino camp medla watch tower

a) Food: Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Breakfast

b) Fishing (optional)

c) Elephant Ride

d) Cultural Activity




rhino camp entrance


Ramshai is a Village in Maynaguri Tehsil, Jalpaiguri District, and West Bengal State. Ramshai is 15.3 km far from its Tehsil Main Town Maynaguri. Ramshai is located 22.3 km distance from its District Main City Jalpaiguri. Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Lataguri(7.8 k.m.), Amguri(9.4 k.m.), Chapadanga (12.3 k.m.), Rajadanga (12.8 k.m.) ,Sulk Para(15.9 k.m.) ,. Towns Near By Maynaguri(15.3 k.m.) ,Mal(18.2 k.m.), Jalpaiguri (21.2 k.m.), Nagrakata (22.5 k.m.)




rhino camp


  • A trip to Medhla Watch Tower and enjoy the Wildlife.
  • A Nature Walk through the forest watching birds.
  • Visit to Ramshai Tea Garden factory.
  • Enjoy tribal dance.
  • 1 km. Elephant Ride (optional).
  • An adventurous Ride by Elephant in the Morning between the Jungle path towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.





** Two Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 3900/-

** Three Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 5100/-





Chapramari Wilderness Camp


The picture perfect location beside the turbulent Murti River as well as Chapramari is sure to mesmerize even the most unromantic individuals. Staying in the ethnic styled cottages and evening tribal dance in this setting can be a magical experience. Complementary visit to the 'Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary' is a boon with the reservation.





  • Stay in eco-friendly Cottage naturally designed for your pleasure dream.CHAPRAMARI WILDERNES CAMP PANJHORA 2
  • Dine with pleasure the local preparation in village style.
  • Experience tribal dance in the evening with the charming breeze and drone all around.
  • Enjoy an adventurous trail in between the ‘Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary’ towards the vicinity of flora & fauna.
  • Enjoy the Wilderness from ‘Chapramari Watch Tower’.






  • Two Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 2500/-
  • Three Heads Charge (Cottage): Rs 3000/-





Barodabri - Malangi Lodge

malangi lodge

At Hashimara,

Chilapata Forest

Malangi Lodge, Barodabri is situated near Hasimara Air Force base (Gurudwara), and Assam, Bhutan border area.



 malangi lodge rhino safari

  • ** Jeep safari in Chilapata Forest. 
  • ** Elephant Riding in Chilapata Forest.




1) Service Tax will be charged as applicable exceeding Rs.999.00 on Room Tariff.

2) Luxury tax will be charged as applicable on AC rooms above Rs.1000.00 on Room Tariff.

3) It is mandatory to carry any of the Identity cards (Voter Identity Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Photo ID card issued by Central / State Govt /Adhar Card). Both these will be examined at the time of check-in



Goshihat Nest

gossaihat nest

Khoklung Basti

Moraghat Range,Khuntimari Forest


Goshihat Nest Situated in the Moraghat Range, Khuntimari forest, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. This place is famous for enamored at chirping of the birds on the wetland named as Goshihat beel.

Goshihat Beel is about 15 Hecters. The vegetation type of the Beel and its surrounding Moraghat Forest are very similar to the vegetation of Foothills and Dooars region of Jalpaiguri District. The climate and topography of the region made itself a beautiful natural habitat for native and migratory birds and fishes.



gossaihat nest beel bird watching



This place is famous for bird watching. Located in between Gorumara and Moraghat Range forest of Dooars. Patch of forest and vast wetland attracts migratory birds in this Gossaihat beel. Tourist also may visit nearby Medla, Gorumara, Chapramari like places from here. 





  • Stay in Eco-Friendly Tower House, naturally designed bird watching gossaihat moraghat forest dwan
  • evening Tribal Dance show. 
  • 24 hrs. Wildlife watching from window
  • Visit Goshihat Eco Park.
  • Boating in Goshihat beel




gossaihat nearby roadside stupa


Goshihat Beel is vast wetland surrounded by forest and Rivers thus became natural home for many species of birds. Thus who want to stay close to the nature and watch birds as hobby or for research study, Goshihat Nest is perfect destination for them.

Nearby famous forest are also accessible from here such as Gorumara National Park, Chapramari W.L.S. etc, many tea garden are also close to the place, someone can make this place as base camp for Dooars tour.

Vibrant cultural diversity of local population in this area also interesting subject for philanthropic tourists. 





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hotel hungree at pelling

Hotel Everland @ RABHANGLA

hotel everland at rabangla

Hotel Himalaya Inn @ LAVA

hotel himalaya inn

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hotel zodiac